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20 Millennials on 20 Years

“Feature article for MSNBC’s 20th anniversary highlighting 20 millennials on the 20 news stories that resonate with them most.”

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Paris Attacks

“Find an issue, event or news situation that is ideal for a mashup integrating Twitter, Google Maps & Instagram API’s. Project was designed as a mobile only experience.”

My Coverage On the Paris Attacks

Leading Causes of Death in NYC

“Using any data set from, create a data driven dashboard that accurately tells a story or shows breakdowns and collections of the data in a visual way using XML Data, Datatables & Highcharts.”

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Sports Nutrition

“Create an educational and informative interactive slider that explains a common question, issue or concept using HTML, CSS/jQuery & Javascript.”

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Powering A Nation

“Create a well designed, easy-to-navigate, flawlessly scripted multi-page website using HTML and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver.”

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